High Security Locks

With Mul-T-Lock you’re in control of who makes copies of your keys. You can rest assured that if you give someone your key it will not be duplicated without you knowing.

High security locks, keys, and cylinders provide effective key control because they guard against unauthorized key duplication by using restricted keys that can only be duplicated by a locksmith. A special key machine is often required to cut high-security keys so not just anyone can duplicate it. High-security cylinders are highly pick resistant, and drill resistant because they have hardened pins embedded that deter drilling. High security locks and keys are available for almost any type of locks including key-in-knob locks, mortise locks, exit devices, padlocks, utility locks, desk locks, file cabinet locks, and safe locks to name just a few.

By installing High-Security locks on your home or business you can expect the following:

Grade 1 heavy duty hardware
Patented key control (you control who can make copies)
Drill and pick resistant cylinders
Ability to have the same key for all types of locks
UL 437 Rated

Who uses high-security locks?

Residential homes and apartments
Condo associations (control access to common areas)
Commercial properties & office buildings
Retail stores
Chain stores